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Active Healthcare Services

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                                                                 Our Services

At Active Healthcare Services, we focus on providing you and your loved ones with the support needed to promote independent living and maximising potential. We provide services across Edinburgh & the Lothians. Our resource bases in Edinburgh & Livingston are designed to meet needs of those on the Autistic spectrum and other disabilities. For more information please contact us. 

                                                                        Activities & Support Offered

  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Personal Care and Hygiene
  • Transition Support
  • Accessing Further Education
  • Budgeting Skills
  • Cooking Skills
  • Employment Skills
  • Health and Well Being
  • Independent Travelling Skills

                 Social and Gaming Group
We have social groups for different age groups. The purpose of these groups is to facilitate socialisation between service users from different backgrounds thereby reducing the risk of isolation.
                        Gaming group
We understand that service users with Autism and other disabilities engage well with gadgets for interaction, and leisure. We have different gaming groups for service users accessing our services. We are not limited to console games but we also have board games, computer games and many other. 

                                                                       Types of Services we offer

                                                                     Respite and short breaks
                                                                    Breaking in Care
                                                                   Tenancy support
                                                                     Community support
                                                                     School support
                                                                      Personal care support
                                                                      Transition work
                                                                     Housing support services